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Neurology Hospital in Ameerpet Hyderabad

The Department of Neurology and Interventional Neurology uses protocol and care pathway based treatment models to ensure the best outcomes for patients. Our doctor's ability to collaborate with each other and with doctors from other Challa departments makes it possible for us to do so.

At Challa, regardless of whether we coordinate care directly within the neurology department or in conjunction with esteemed doctors from other departments, we create a plan based on the latest medical evidence for each patient we treat.

Best Neurologist in Ameerpet

Doctors within our department have "cross-trained", meaning they have completed fellowships and/or have experience in both neurology and interventional neurology. This type of experience allows doctors from our team to make thorough clinical assessments and rapid treatment decisions to give patients the best possible outcomes efficiently for acute and Tropical brain disorders, as well as acute nerve and muscle disorders. Our care strategies include long-term management of these diseases that go beyond just hospital-based treatments.


 Dr. Radha Krishna, MBBS, MD, DM

 Dr. Brahma Prasad MBBS, MD, DM

 Dr. Sharath Kumar MBBS, MD, DM

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