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The Challa Multi-speciality Hospital General Surgery Department provides broad-based coverage of common surgical procedures, all laparoscopic procedures and complex major surgical procedures which require specialty support. Our team conducts procedures on the major organs within the abdominal region, soft tissues throughout the body and acute surgery for critical care, trauma or burn patients.

General surgeons at Challa provide safe, patient-centric and convenient service for inpatients and outpatients. For outpatients, we conduct all preoperative investigations in one of our OPDs and often perform procedures on a day care basis to allow patients to return to daily living as quickly as possible.

For larger procedures that require an inpatient stay, we work closely with doctors and nurses in the hospital to ensure all patients receive optimal attention and care.


 Dr. E.D. Prasad, MBBS, MS

 Dr. E.C. Reddy, MBBS, MS